Tooth Extractions: Do I Need a Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

In day to day life you come across different health conditions. Sometimes you have high or low blood pressure, sometimes anxiety or dental problem. Every problem has its own symptoms and accurate doctor that will treat the patient to relive the pain and solve the problematic zone. There are many cases of abrupt dental pains. You might be in the party, you eat something and the unwanted pain in the teeth started.

What would be solution to that?

Dental problems can be solved by the dentists or the oral surgeon. A layman like you and me would not know the job descriptions of these both. You would think that both the doctors are here to treat the oral cavity. No doubt! You are absolutely right. Why there are two names? There might be the difference in both of their working? If yes then how we can differentiate and asses which one to approach at what time?

There are too many questions to be answered. That is why this article will tell you all about the difference between dentist and a surgeon.

Pain in Teeth:

These days we have haphazard eating habits that excruciate the teeth and gums. The pain in the teeth is always tormenting and too much to be handled. Sometime the pain starts abruptly due to the cavity or plaque. The tooth pain once started is unending till you consult a dentist for scaling or removal of teeth. Tooth is extracted when there is too much cavity, the root is damaged or the infected teeth has started infecting the neighboring teeth.

The Dentist:

The dentist is a person to whom you directly approach to have an examination of tooth pain. Sometimes the dentist evaluate the teeth, cleans it. But a times the teeth is so much damaged that it needs extraction. The dentist may extract the teeth soon after the examination of teeth if required.

The Oral Surgeon:

Sometimes the tooth pain isn’t that simple to be treated by the dentist. After checking the tooth completely the dentist may send the patient to the oral surgeon for extraction. You don’t have to go somewhere else to find the oral surgeon. The oral surgeon mostly sits in the same clinic where dentist do practice.

Some Problems to be resolved by Oral Surgeon:

Structure of the face:

In certain cases the patient is having less mobility of jaw. This might cause an uncomfortable situation for the dentist to extract the teeth. Sometimes the position of the teeth might not suitable to be treated by dentist. In that situation the oral surgeon can extract the teeth buy giving a local anesthesia sometimes.

Distorted teeth:

There are patients who are in habit of crushing teeth while sleeping, or you might get an injury while brushing or sporting activity. At that time you would be having a broken or the fractured teeth. These kinds of injuries related to oral cavity which needs to extract the teeth properly with the removal of root. It calls for a surgery and oral surgeon to perform that.

Complications during extraction:

No one is perfect in the world.

Who dies in the waves of the sea, it’s a swimmer. Who crashes the car mostly? A professional diver, who spoils the broth? It’s the cooking expert.

The man who is an expert in his work can go wrong due to the complications in the matter. Similarly the case arises when the dentist chandler az is extracting the teeth, the roots are too deep and he can’t do anything rather to call the oral surgeon for help to extract the teeth through surgical procedures.

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